Sadelco Inc.

Is no longer in business 

We would like to thank all of our customers
and employees for their support over the last
last 54 years.

For continued support of your
Sadelco meters, please visit
RCB Calibration LLC

Click here to go to:

RCB Calibration LLC

Continued support for your Sadelco Meters.


Refurbished DisplayMax-5000 & other models are now IN STOCK!!

  • Authorized Warranty Repair
  • Authorized Service Warranty Repair
  • Non-Warranty Repair
  • Upgrades (adding options)
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Refurbished Sadelco meters

RCB Calibration will honor all Sadelco warranties, uses original Sadelco parts and offers all of the services previously offered by Sadelco Inc.


RCB Calibration LLC                
800-569-6299 or 201-569-3323